Peter Zurek (1959)

All pictures are single shots only. No additional software touching original data is used including adjusting or cropping the image. Pure photography created only by camera and imagination.

His original profession is nuclear physicist. After a years spent in IT industry with cross branch presentations full of enthusiasm he turned back to creative photography.

The latest development in digital photography and high quality large format printing technologies allowed him to realize his project Big Original – large format original pictures and multi platform works of art followed by series of exhibitions.

Photographic pictures of Peter Zurek come in useful as an art decoration in modern private and company interiors. Pictures are signed and numbered prints. Thanks to special ink printing technology compositions are keeping deep black tones with very soft and wide palette of color tints. Color fade resistance is tested for more than 82 years.

The photograph prints are mounted on aluminium composite plate to prevent twisting caused by influence of humidity and temperature changes. Mounting in unique border-less full glass dust free frame is underlining aesthetic feeling and long term image value.

"During my travels discovering places untouched by tourism I have a chance for dreams and imagination. When watching movie projection, I want to be surrounded by a huge screen and to let the feeling of the piece freely breath, just as with my images: let them draw you in, give vent to feelings, release your fantasy, be lost in dreams.

I took the images in different parts of the world over the last 4 years. All of them are original shots taken by digital camera, not adjusted or retouched compositions – one shot. Just as I saw them in my camera viewfinder and in my imagination. You may try to investigate the dynamic pictures to find out how various and contradictory movements can be painted by a single camera shot. Be lost in dreams. Free you ideas, the large free space. As with a large screen projection. The answer can be found there."

Petr Žůrek